Have you ever navigated a watershed? What is a watershed? All the waters that make their way to our rivers and oceans have to start somewhere, and the watershed is how that happens. Welcome to the first installment of the South River Science Team’s South River Currents video series, Navigating Our Watershed (created by DV Entertainment). Join host, Leighton, and her assistant, Southy The Mouthy South River Fish, to explore the watershed and its treasures and challenges. You may even figure out your very own “watershed address.”

The South River Science Team was established in 2001 with broad representation to work together to achieve the ultimate goal of reducing mercury levels in fish and to promote mercury remediation strategies. Currently, the Science Team is working with partners to develop a watershed-wide perspective to provide engaging and accessible opportunities to see the South River Watershed through others’ eyes and diverse interests; to understand basic, shared facts about the watershed; and to hear watershed stories in a way that inspires further interest, participation, and collaboration.

The South River Watershed encompasses 234 square miles in parts of Augusta County and Rockingham County and includes the communities of Greenville, Sherando, Stuarts Draft, Lyndhurst, the City of Waynesboro, Dooms, Crimora, Harriston, Grottoes, and Port Republic. The Watershed is widely known for outdoor recreation and natural areas, agriculture and forestry, a diversity of manufacturing and industry, and especially a unique blend of cold- and warm-water fishing opportunities.

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Waynesboro, VA 22908

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