Allied Ready Mix

Allied Ready Mix

DURATION: April 2018 - October 2018
STATUS: completed
RIVERBANK LOCATION: Downstream of the 2nd Street Bridge opposite Waynesboro City Shops and the wastewater treatment plant
RIVERBANK LENGTH: Total of 650 feet of bank remediation at two areas, with approximately 700 feet of bank between the two areas
OUTCOME: For the remediation at the two Allied Ready Mix riverbanks, the team had to construct a 1,400-foot construction access road and supply staging area in the densely forested area. Preparation work took almost two months to complete as extra care was taken to avoid damaging mature trees outside of the access road area. Although storms flooded the remediation area a few times during construction, very little re-work was needed. Portions of the riverbank that were remediated prior to flooding tolerated the high flows well.

Monitoring Data

For Phase I of this work, samples were collected at the two remediated Allied Ready Mix riverbanks in Spring 2019. Analytical results from the laboratory are pending.

508 W. Main Street
Waynesboro, VA 22908

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