DuPont is remediating and restoring riverbanks that have elevated levels of mercury and are eroding into the South River. The remediation approach was tested on a riverbank called the Pilot Bank in September 2009. Results showed that the approach was successful in controlling mercury releases to the river. In October 2016, DuPont began remediating and restoring additional riverbanks with elevated soil mercury levels. This is the first phase of work, which focuses on specific riverbanks within two miles downstream of DuPont’s former Waynesboro plant. DuPont is collecting samples before, during and after remediation to monitor how remediation goals are being met. Depending on these results, additional phases of remediation may be performed downstream of Waynesboro.

Nearly 4,000 feet of riverbank along the South River has been remediated to prevent erosion. The new riverbanks have been replanted and restored to enhance riverside habitat.

Steps providing river access have been constructed and improve Greenway Trail connectivity; construction access roads have been left in place in two locations to facilitate future phases of Greenway construction.

Construction crews have logged over 28,000 hours to date on this work.

5,611 monitoring samples have been collected to date to evaluate the success of the remediation.

South River Remediation Progress

For the first phase of work, DuPont is remediating and restoring riverbanks at these areas:
Allied Ready Mix • City Shops • Constitution Park • North Park • Pilot Bank • Shiloh Baptist Church
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